Ring Die

Tiny wood pellet equipment is utilized to make pellets from farming as well as forestry wastes, such as straw, sawdust, rice husk and also bark. With pre-treatment and also pelletizing, these bulky products come to be high-density pellet fuel.

Ring Die

With the increasing demand of biomass fuel, little pellet machine has wide market prospect. To participate in biomass organisation as well as make earnings, you need pick a great pellet machine provider. In this passage, I’ll introduce the elements you ought to take into consideration when picking little ring die pellet devices.

Premium quality tiny pellet machine need to fulfill the adhering to standards.

Excellent quality small wood pellet machine can be applied to various type of products, whether they are individual or blended with each other. The density of timber pellets should be 1.1-1.3 g/m3. To make 1 lots of wood pellets, the power usage need to be in between 35 ℃ and also 80 ℃.

The roller and also level die are wear parts of small ring die pellet machine Their hardness determines the working life of pellet maker. You ‘d better select those made of remarkable alloy steel, whose solidity ought to be no much less than 50 HRC.

Top quality small pellet machine enables you to feed completely dry products to it and obtain dry pellets, which we call “dry in and dry”. You don’t require to include any type of binders because the liquified lignin can aid form the pellets.

To ensure performance, the drive system need to be bevel gear drive rather than belt drive or worm equipment drive. It has higher performance and longer functioning life, and also stays clear of the unsafe of belt.

To make certain safety, the power system ought to comply with the CE requirement. It is better to have an emergency switch on electric control cabinet, to ensure that drivers can close it down when something is wrong.

It is unavoidable that you will encounter some problems and fault when using small ring die pellet maker. So you need to take after-sale solution right into account. The warranty period must go to the very least 1 year. Providers are meant to provide life-long after sale solution and totally free adjustment.

Exactly how can you choose a suitable tiny pellet equipment?

You should be clear of your everyday pellets production, and pick the ring die pellet maker with appropriate ability. Take Gemco as an example. The manufacturing capacity of our little pellet equipment is from 50kg/h to 400kg/h. They are categorized right into several types.

After verifying your requirement, you need check the top quality of pellet machine. The durability is more vital than look. So pay more focus to the materials. The thicker the shell, the far better.

I suggest you to take a few of your materials to check the device, and also inspect the practical pelletizing effects.High high quality pellets hassmooth surface area, high firmness and mild elecampane.

Ring Die

Usual blunders in selecting wood pellet device.

Error 1: Low power as well as high manufacturing

Some clients wish to locate a ring die pellet device with high capacity but low power usage offered by https://www.china-pelletmachine.com. But a pellet machine can not attain big production without high power. So don’t be misled by the brag of sellers. You ‘d better check the pellet device producers and also test the equipment in person.

Error 2: Price come first

As the stating goes, you get what you spend for. Reasonable price is the guarantee of reliable quality, after-sale service as well as remarkable products. Affordable price can win clients for some time, but only excellent quality can preserve consumers for long. You will benefit a great deal from a sensible investment.

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